Get in and swim over the break!


Start at the top with an easy 300. Then do the rest, mixing up rest intervals, strokes and present giving.

Another fun workout design, based on the Christmas Tree.

This workout only covers the main set for 1,500 yards. Colorful. What is your favorite tree? Love the way the designer made the swim challenges sync with the designs.

Various 12 Days of Christmas Workouts

By Mark Rauterkus with The Ellis School

1 Power press up2 Streamline starts (with 5 fly kicks underwater, understood)3 laps of freestyle (with 1 breath)4 Backstroke starts5 Fast Flip Turns6 Lengths of backstroke7 Arm Swings8 Med ball squats9 Crab walk steps10 Seconds of rest11 Laps of Breastroke12 Strokes of corkscrew.


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