Practice: November 19



50 sit ups

50 back extensions (cobra sit ups)

50 leg lifts (floor to at least 90-degrees. Some up-and-over to floor over head)

50 dips (use bench or TRX ropes)

10 bridges

25 box jumps (without stopping)

In the pool

Perfect 50 from a jump today

Warm up

Pull or swim: 400 (alternate by 25s, RA, LA, Both Arms, No Arms)

4 x 100s Breastroke PULLING @ :30 seconds rest

4 x 50 breast kick

4 x 25 breast - stroke count

Main set

Swim 4 x 200s descending on 3:00 / 4:00

Results on the whiteboard.

Times on whiteboard
Result on whiteboard if 4 kids doing 4 times

Swim 4 x 100s descending on 1:30 / 3:00

Swim 4 x 50 @ interval as fast as you can make all 4, perhaps :35, :40 or :55

Then we did some video recording with the underwater camera.

10 pool-side sit ups with knees on deck with partner holding legs

10 pool-side cobra back bends with partner holding legs

10 pool side Russian twisting-sit ups with bottom on deck and partner holding feet down


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